New Edition - A Little Bit Of Love (Brenmar Remix)


Follow @BBRENMAR on Twitter and when he hits 4,000 followers, he'll give this out as a free download. Well fancy that, we are almost at 4k twitta pals too. So you're free to follow along with the radness too.



New Edition - A Little Bit Of Love (Brenmar Remix) (click for how to DL!) by BRENMAR 




The Bumblebeez - Betty Jane (Jagwar Ma's Love Me Remix)



Wow... this is so weird and so good. I don't know anything about either of these two artists in the original creators, The Bumblebeez, or the remixer-uppers in Jagwar Ma, but upon the recommendation to listen and perchance play on my radio show (which I did last night), I give this two mega rad and beastly thumbs up. Holy WHAT is this?



Betty Jane by The Bumblebeez (Jagwar Ma's Love Me Remix) by Jagwar Ma 



Delilah - Love You So (Joe Goddard Remix)

Two words...


...into this.



Delilah - Love You So (Joe Goddard Remix) by Mixmag 




Stream This: The 2 Bears - Work (new single!)


The 2 Bears' new single Work will be available on iTunes on November 19 with their forthcoming debut full-length, Be Strong, due out on January 30, 2012 via Southern Fried Records. Here's the single. Amazingness personified.



Work by The 2 Bears 



Bobby Brown - Two Can Play That Game (Patrice & Friends Remix)

Here's something just because. Patrice & Friends take Bobby Brown's Two Can Play That Game and house-ify it to the max with some drum and bass thrown in for good measure. Forgive me for really liking this joint, but I've been playing a lot of Mistah Brown in my DJ sets lately and you best believe I can see all yer booties bouncing when the beat drops. Bah boom!





mp3: Bobby Brown - Two Can Play That Game (Patrice & Friends Remix)



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