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Florence and The Machine - Hurricane Drunk (The Horrors Remix)

Last week, it was announced that the next single from the still-stunningly brilliant Florence and The Machine camp would be Hurricane Drunk. The song is an anthemically-chantable slice of glittery poprock from the debut album, Lungs.


The accompanying video was shot in Paris last Friday. The first viewing will take place following the Celebrity Big Brother Final, January 29th on Channel 4. (UK only) The single will be released on March 22 with a very unique remix from none other than The Horrors! Flo debuted the mix earlier this week when she filled in on BBC1 as a special guest DJ. The mix is something quite unexpected, yet equally amazing. It's had me in chills and saying "wow" all day long. Color us excited!


mp3: Florence And The Machine - Hurricane Drunk (The Horrors Remix) 192kbps radio rip 



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for some reason i can't download the link? but i'm desperate, please can you fix this??

Now, what could possibly be different about the City of New Orleans, to make people talk so dismissively about this most brutal of emergencies and imply that the city might be better off not existing in the first place?

I have been waiting for this video for a long time .

Oh, this blog is really amazing!!! it catched my attention since the first time that i saw it and i must to say i spend a great time reading, because i usually like to discover new things. Really nice blog.

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