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Isis - The Avenue

Isis, nee Isis Salam, is the vocal-half of powerhouse duo, Thunderheist. Over the past 2+ months, she's gradually been revealing details about her solo efforts, and this beast has been keeping a keen eye on the developments.


Earlier this morning, I did my usual stroll and scroll through my favorite pages and happened upon the cool cats over at Attorney Street. They had the good word (and song) on Isis' first solo song, and we ever-so-lovingly nicked it from them. Thanks dudes!

The Avenue is a driving force of neo-noir radness with Isis' vocals emulating all the best aspects of the mid-80's half singing-half speaking effects. It's strange how with but one song, I'm able to envision a whole album, tour and concept that the vivacious gal is going for.

Breath of fresh air, indeed!


mp3: Isis - The Avenue


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'preciate the link up gangsta. diggin the redesign as well. keep shinin.

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