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Make The Girl Dance - Kill Me EP (teaser video!)

Greg Kozo and Pierre Mathieu swept us off our feet last year, when their project, Make The Girl Dance, hit us hard and hit us good. The song Baby, Baby, Baby is a mix of French linguistics, sexy beats and an equally suggestive video.


Did you know that the project started as a bet between these two French friends? Good thing it worked out as such, because they rose to the forefront of bloglove in a short amount of time, and their new EP is a further reminder why we dig 'em so! The Kill Me EP is available on February 2 (buy here) and comes with remixes from Toxic Avenger, We Are Enfant Terrible, Audrey Katz and Vektorkat. They've released a teaser trailer for the offering, and excuse me if I'm mistaken, but is that baby doll doing poppers in the video? Watch and see if my guess is right...



mp3: Make The Girl Dance - Kill Me (We Are Enfant Terrible Remix) mp3: Make The Girl Dance - Baby, Baby, Baby (Designer Drugs Remix)


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links are down :(

I saw the poppers too. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.

love the song - that video is phthmmmpt.

The synths and bass line in the DD remix are crazy!

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