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Penguin Prison: Pop Music's "Cheesy Little Kid"

Boy bands, gospel gigs with a gloriously-gifted gal and a shelved solo selection are just a few facets in which you could classify New York City's own, Penguin Prison. Growing up in Manhattan, PP, otherwise known as Chris Glover, knew he wanted two things out of life: to be a singer and to be famous.


Sure you may know the tunes that Penguin Prison has crafted, but do you really know the man behind the music?


Raised on a diet of Bryan Adams, Led Zeppelin and Anna Marie, Glover eventually attended a performing arts school, where he sang gospel in the choir alongside the girl who would become known to most as Alicia Keys. "Her name wasn't Alicia Keys then," he notes. "I [suppose] she came up with that later." After parlaying his talents into a collegiate "fake boy band", he soon switched to more serious music...even getting signed to Interscope. Unfortunately, his initial LP was dubbed "too crazy" for it's eclectic mix of pop, rap, soul and rock. Thankfully, 2009 found Penguin Prison in a much more favorable light. Mid-last year, a number of fellow bloggers began to latch on to Glover's first offering, A Funny Thing. The track has also found fans in the UK with notable personalities Zane Lowe and Nick Grimshaw, along with hits from NME, Guardian and BBC. 


While Glover is currently unsigned for his full length, which is he working on right now in the studio in NYC, March 16 will see the release of a new single via Neon Gold Records. Future US tour dates will also be available within the coming weeks.


mp3: Penguin Prison - A Funny Thing

mp3: Sebastien Tellier - Fingers Of Steel (Penguin Prison Remix)


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