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STAYGOLD, Robyn, Spank Rock and Damien Adore - Backseat (live at P3 Guld Awards)

Preface: this is the best thing you will see and hear all day. After-preface: this is one of the finer collaborations/live performances you will see all year. Let's get on it.


Further proof of my undying love and affection for all things Swedish and electro/pop music-related, earlier this week a smashing mash of gifted musicians took the stage at the P3 Guld Awards. STAYGOLD, no stranger to my writings, joined up with Spank Rock, Robyn and Damien Adore to perform the boys' original track, Backseat. The added vocals from our beloved songstress really heighten the passion in this funky jam! I've got a super neat and tidy video of the performance below. Stay tuned for a tender embrace between Spank and Robyn at the 3:30 mark. How cute! I've had this on repeat all morning, and it's going to be on for the rest of the day. I guarantee it.





stream: STAYGOLD (Featuring Spank Rock And Damien Adore) - Backseat mp3: Pacific! - Hot Lips (STAYGOLD Remix)


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What really made it was the original falsetto vocals by Damien Adore, a mystic pseudo that was later revealed to be Salem al Fakir. An award winning artist under his real name, more info: http://www.myspace.com/salem .

Thanks a lot for the mp3, been going crazy trying to find this song, still haven't found one of the live version. Which I liked better, too much 'kanye'-synth on recorded version.

Was the highpoint of the whole awards, best song/performance of 2010, this far atleast. :)

i love rock. it's the best type of music out there. what's your guys opinion on it?

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