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Wallpaper. VS Little Boots - I Ain't That Earthquake (The Hood Internet Mash)

It's been a while since I've relayed anything new from The Hood Internet for your ever-lovin' ears. Sure the boys have been busy cranking out new mixes, as well as performing and dj'ing the heck out of all your favorite parties, but chalk it up to our hectic schedule for not getting you the goods sooner. That ends now.


Back with a fistful of fire, ABX and STV SLV sync up Wallpaper. and Little Boots for a ground-shaking good time. Take one part I Ain't Most Dudes and send through a blender with equal parts Earthquake, and I guarantee you'll have one of the tastiest concoctions you'll consume all week. Eat it up below.


mp3: Wallpaper. VS Little Boots - I Aint That Earthquake (The Hood Internet Mash)



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