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Baby Monster - She Comes Alive

Back in October, an introduction to a new Beastly-obsession was made. Baby Monster, a perfectly-paired duo from Eugene, OR, quickly carved out a spot in my heart with their infectiously-intriguing mix of "pop"ulent music.


Now, with a new track, She Comes Alive, set to be released on March 29 via Big Stereo, Danny and Marty are prepped to stage a massive 2010 takeover. This will be the first official release on the fledgling blog-label.

The single will be limited to 350 copies of the 7" vinyl, with a digital release as well. Sudden Symphony (a new song you can listen to here) will serve as the B-side. Additionally, all pre-orders are gifted with a free, exclusive mixtape from the dudes.

Baby Monster will be at SXSW with a string of west coast tour dates in March/April to be announced soon.


mp3: Baby Monster - She Comes Alive

mp3: Baby Monster - Ultra Violence And Beethoven (Mondkopf Remix)


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I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

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