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Electrik Red - I'm That Chick (new single teaser!)

Ever since first laying eyes and ears on The-Dream's freaky foursome, Electrik Red, I've been an immediate supporter and oft-times rampant fan of their smooth R&B blends. Their debut album, How to Be a Lady: Volume 1 even went so far as to land on my BE[a]ST Albums of 2009 list.


Far from us to call it fate, but just yesterday, I threw out a random comment on twitter, linking up to my favorite cut of theirs, Friend Lover. So in waking up this morning, and finding out that a new single is in the works, complete with a teaser video, the tweenage beast in us jumped for ever-lovin' joy.

I'm That Chick is full of minimalistic beats and muted trumpet squibbles, seemingly inspired by Jamaican dancehall lifestylin' and wilin'. Quite a departure from their freshman release, the song (in it's 2-minte preview form) has our interest piqued to the highest power. I mean, P is For Power, right? Insert *winkface here. 

I'm such a nerd. These gals are not. Watch the teaser video now.




mp3: Electrik Red - Im That Chick

mp3: Electrik Red (Featuring Lil Wayne) - So Good (Remix)


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It makes me infinitely happy that they're getting a shot at a second album. Fan-freaking-tastic.

It is my pleasure to read your article! Thank you for sharing! good luck!

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