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Goldfrapp - Rocket (GRUM Remix)

Many a beastly-friend and follower have asked why I've yet to properly weigh in on Rocket, Goldfrapp's lead single from upcoming release, Head First. Maybe I was just waiting to hear a stunning mix like this? Nah, I've just been busy, but thankfully, GRUM is keeping my brain and body occupied with a the soothing sounds of sexy synths.


Amping up the glamorously-delicious, described as a "Christopher Cross meets Pointer Sisters" vibe (seriously, listen to the intro to Cross' All Right and tell me it doesn't sound similar), the UK badboy floats the song over a fresh bed of lush love and luster


Accompanying mixes from Richard X (stream a snippet here), Tiësto and Penguin Prison, GRUM's remix will be released when Rocket is made available on March 9 via Mute.


mp3: Goldfrapp - Rocket (GRUM Remix)


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GOLDFRAPP ARE/IS SO FAR PAST THEIR TIME! Try the real deal value meal. srrrsly.



- Diarrhea Planet

- Casey


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