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Husky Rescue - Sound Of Love (The Twelves Remix)

Sweet Scandinavia! Generally we gravitate towards all things Swedish and Nordic, but when I stumble upon some Finnish radness, it's equally as hard to turn a deaf ear. Enter Husky Rescue...and inevitably, my favorite listening pleasure with the assistance of the Brazilian Beaston-faves, The Twelves.


Let it be known that on their own, Husky Rescue stand on solid ground. Creating "tracks designed to be a warm breeze to counter the chill of daily life, whether you live in cold climes or not", the Helsinki quintet released their 4th studio album, Ship of Light, earlier this year.

Within said offering is the dreamy ditty, Sound of Love, anchored by xylophones, sexy guitars and the flirtatious vocals of Marko Nyberg. So to take the song from a [bedroom] wide-eyed wonder to a hustle-worthy hand-clapper, the band found solace in The Twelves.

There's no denying my love for every single piece of material the boys have put out, so to claim this as simply another obsession doesn't do their fix any justice. They go beyond transformation into the most magical metamorphosis with this mix. If there was any output from this year that I could guarantee would make any single one person move to groove...then there's no question.

Your answer is free below.


mp3: Husky Rescue - Sound Of Love (The Twelves Remix)

mp3: Husky Rescue - Sound Of Love


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we really appreciate the kind words but please could you remove the mp3s of the original and the remix? we only made the instrumental version available for free download, if you would like a copy of this let me know.

Catskills Records.

Lame. Music for the people, not the companies! FIGHT THE MACHINE!

How about the people of Husky Rescue or the Twelves? Idiot.

Nobody buys music anymore- GET OVER IT!

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