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Major Lazer (featuring Elephant Man) - Halo (Beyonce cover)

While you were busy swooning over Lady Gaga and Elton John combining pianic-forces, or maybe you were trying to decode the extreme censorship of Eminem, Lil' Wayne and Drake's show-closing performance, someone was busy keeping me Grammy-entertained through twitter.


One half of the Major Lazer duo, Diplo, kept me abreast with winners, losers and general shenanigans during the telecast of the 52nd Grammy Awards. Whether he was dissing Taylor Swift via Daryl Hannah or claiming Susan Boyle was getting wild at an afterparty, it was all frequent fun through his timeline.


All the tweets were great, until one stood out in fine fashion.  

SERIOUSLY CANT BELIEVE beyonce won a GraNNY when My VErSiOn of HaLo with elefant man + @majorlazer is SoOO MUCH BETTER!

Yep, and he gave us a link to download the track for free to. It's mine and yours below, and it's much better than you can possibly imagine. Big ups Elephant Man...where you been?


mp3: Major Lazer (Featuring Elephant Man) - Halo (Beyonce Cover)


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