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Electrik Red - I'm That Chick (new song!)

Earlier this year, I heard a snippet of a new Electrik Red song. I'm That Chick, in it's 2 minute clip form, was sufficient to tide me over until this "fresh out the box" jam finally decided to land in my inbox. Today, we wait and want no more! Let's dance.


Back with more swagger than seemingly possible, the freaky foursome are back in the studio recording the follow up to their impressive The-Dream produced debut, How to Be a Lady: Volume 1. Enlisting the assistance of Joi Starr, Midi Mafia and R. City this go 'round, the galls have already completed a number of tracks.

Which brings us to I'm That Chick, a tribal drum-fused track with a wiggling trombone that effectively uses the girls knowledge of technology and blogs to call out their haters. They wail that their egos have no ceiling and they feed off drama. Hell, if that's what keeps their star burning bright, then someone needs to pick a fight with them ASAP.

Yes, we love it...and we are all that chick at some point. No get up out my face and grab this track!


mp3: Electrik Red - Im That Chick 


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