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Introducing: Madeleine Bloom

Earlier today, we hit a bit of a lull (rare!) when our inbox was nearly clean (read = only 2,000 emails left to go through), a pause in the day job occurred, and I felt the need to take my good fortunes and pay it forward. So out went a call for submissions via twitter...only stipulation? That I have NEVER written about the artist before. Welcome, Madeleine Bloom, you were both quick and make rad tunes...so here we go.


Hailing from Berlin, Madeleine Bloom is a self-described "musician, producer, singer, looper, mediadesigner, a bit of a tech nerd". A multi-instrumentalist with a unique style, Bloom creates an eclectic blend of cinematic and emotional pop music. She's also opened for Imogen Heap, which is infinitely cool.


Last November, Bloom released her debut album, Minutia. The freshman offering from the gifted German is a sweeping wash over 12 tracks of lovely lullabies and passionate yearnings. Buy the album here.


As a bonus, there's an eerily cool vocal remix of her song The Tide, which we're dishing out to you. Win!


mp3: Madeleine Bloom -The Tide (Alexis Sinking Remix) 


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