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Introducing: Sunday Girl

Got an email yesterday with nothing more than a link to a new video, from an artist I had previously unheard of. Think of it as a way early heads up on some new tunes that you're sure to swoon for. Everyone, please welcome Sunday Girl to Beastonia!


Sunday Girl hails from London, has only been a MySpace user since earlier this month, and she's got one track in the bag that immediately made me want to hear more. Four Floors is an electrotinged pop tune that washes listeners in a hushy and lushy bath of rhythmic ethereality. Made up words!

This being Sunday Girl's debut single, I was pleased to see that big badasses, Russ Chimes and Diplo (along with Sketch Iz Dead) are on board the remix ride. Four Floors sees a proper outing on March 28.

Video for the single is below.



mp3: Sunday Girl - Four Floors (Russ Chimes Remix)


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re-up please?

yeeeea re-up please :(

I could settle for a re-up

re up like 3 people have already asked for.. ill love you even more than wat i already do i cant find this anywhere

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