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Lady Gaga and Beyonce's Telephone Video: Scared Anything But Straight

If you're going to delay a video, hype it up so as to make it a multimedia affair across television and web portals and defy the status quo by essentially making it a near 10 minute mini-feature, then you'd best make good on the fact that this is THE video that sums up the ideation of young America, technology and the social commentary surrounding it. Let's ring up Lady Gaga, to see what exactly she has in store in her latest visual affair, Telephone.


The first and most notable theme throughout the mini-movie is the Tarantino-esque nod to campy cinematics, all much more in your face than Quentin normally goes. See, Gaga pulls directly from the famed director, in using the same typeface, witty banter and even the exact P*ssy Wagon from Kill Bill. Our recurring thought is WWQTS?

Aside from that, Gaga references her "manhood", shows off her equalled loves of near nudity and forward-thinking fashion, while completing every sequence with a wink, a smile, a click and a pop; actions that would make the cast of Looney Tunes green with envy. Frankly, the entire video plays out like a cartoon...a raunchy, sexually innuendoed and mass murderific cartoon.

Beyonce makes her cameo as Gaga's fidgety felonious friend, the "Clyde to the blonde's Bonnie", not the first time Bey's gone gangster (see: 2003's vid with beau, Jay-Z). And speaking of the criminally rad, one of our favorite scenes takes place in the prison yard, when Gaga's Paper Gangsta pumps over a crackling radio. (the song was mostly overlooked from the lady's debut, The Fame).



Aside from all we loved about the video (there wasn't much to hate to be quite honest), we circled back to see if in fact this played out as the social commentary Gaga intended it to be. There are moments, for instance, the blatant product placement. In a modern world where music videos have lost all significance and relevance, this embedded marketing ploy is inevitable, and the pop icon has embraced it. So yes, while some shudder at this advertactic, we applaud her for it.

Overall, if this is a "nod to the kind of country we are", then we'll allow it. But let's not make this more than what it really is at the very roots of it all...a perfectly-crafted pop video that champions the bad girl in all of us.

Dial up Lady Gaga and Beyonce's Telephone video below.




mp3: Lady Gaga (featuring Beyonce) - Telephone (Chew Fu Extended Fix)

mp3: Lady Gaga - Paper Gangsta


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For what it is, it’s fine. But this was the throwing down of the gauntlet on what I assume is going to be the point where she starts losing both “it” and some of her “fans” who don’t consider themselves so uber-enlightened as to smell what the Gaga is cooking.

There’s just too much going on. The show is all-consuming. It’s pop music, for goodness sake. If you wanted to be something beyond that, you should explore other media. Nine minutes is excessive, especially for something that really still just felt slapped together. The production quality was high, but the story – if you could piece one together from all that – was/is pointless. Okay, dumb.

Beyonce is so out of her element in this and that felt obvious.

Gaga looks like she’s going to crack under all this very soon. And that will not be a surprise.

Instead of focusing on one theme or inside joke or point to convey, she’s just drowned this frothy song’s video in ridiculous costumes, pointless girl-on-girl action, excessive product placement (is selling out high art? My thought: if you can’t afford to pay for your 9 minute video on your own, you don’t get street cred by having Wonder Bread or Plenty of Fish pay for it), and gratuitous violence that doesn’t seem to reveal anything more than a desire to be ‘raw’ or ‘gritty.’

I’ve missed the point and I don’t care to retrace my steps to try to find it. Bad Romance is still better in my book. The thing about art is that you can want it to mean all kinds of things but as soon as you give it to others, their interpretation wins out. So beating people over the head with what you’re trying to do won’t work forever. Look at Marilyn Manson.

hmmm. This 9 minutes was an unfortunate waste for me. In our negative society there could be so much more of a positive and uplifiting message. Mis-guided talents. Beyonce and Gaga would be better off focusing their energy on influencing their audience for good and not pointlessy dragging people down. How about not being nude, not expoliting a woman's potentially beautiful body, not- promoting sexually explicit behaviour!! For once could our mis-led generation have a positive example to have fun watching?? This video was a chance for a good and positive example- something entertaining and fun. But no- now I feel like I have to take a mental shower! yuk. Hope to forget it soon.

Consider myself a fan and was quite excited for the release, yet found myself sorely disappointed. It was an overreach that made painfully clear that her ability to reinterpret and not just regurgitate prior artistic statements is seriously limited. That she would downcry Bad Romance for this (enjoyable but far from sociologically insightful or provocative visual romp) shows how much of her own malarkey she's buying into now. I hope it's not the turning point that I fear it is.

"So beating people over the head with what you’re trying to do won’t work forever. Look at Marilyn Manson."

Sorry, what? Are you trying to say that white suburbanite whackjobs were correct to blame him for Columbine, or what the hell is the point of this comment?

There were already plenty of things for me to disagree with in your post (you seem to be claiming that your definition of pop music has some bearing on other people or what pop musicians are allowed to do with their music videos) but you really lost me at this point.

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I love me lady gaga is so eccentric and sexy, I'm not a lesbian but I see it as seductive and provocative, it is rare indeed, but it makes you feel gaga and megan fox, sometimes I'm a lesbian when it comes to these two that I consider the jaja men.
Kathleen T. Ryan
Lane Tecumsah 3209

Both have a great personality.

I like Lady gaga because of her unique look.

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