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MaadMoiselle (ft Amanda Blank and Precise) - Something Better

Last year, Amanda Blank dropped her debut album, I Love You, and it quickly became one of our most listened to releases of the past 7 months. One of our favorite cuts, Something Bigger, Something Better, is a glock-poppin' romp with nasty spit lyrics off a fiery tongue. That said, if you're going to rework this song and get our Beastly-approval, you best do it right...enter, MaadMoiselle.


This New Jersey-based r&b chick roped the production team of Lady & a Tramp to help re-imagine the original banger. With silky vocals giving the track a sturdy base (as opposed to Blank's original quicklipped rhymes), the song has been taken from a gnarly and hard street stomper to a sensual slide into bedroom-eyed badassery.

Want to hear what we're getting at?

Something Better is yours for free below!


mp3: MaadMoiselle (featuring Amanda Blank and Precise) - Something Better 


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Any chance I can still get a copy of this?!

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