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Marina & The Diamonds at Levi's FADERFort

One of my most highly anticipated sets to catch during SXSW belonged to that of Marina & The Diamonds. Having just made her US debut earlier in the Austin-bound week, the level of excitement I had to catch the enchanting pop songstress was at a seam-bursting high. Hitting the Levi's FADER Fort on Friday, March 19, Marina and company let loose with a dynamically perfect performance.


Given the fact that Marina has long been a favorite here in Beastonia since the summer of 2008 when a number of unique demos hit me like a ton of the raddest bricks ever, nearly two years later, you can sense the anticipation I felt to catch the young talent live for the first time.


Marina's voice goes well beyond her years...hopscotching through intimate vocal moments and powerful "belt it out in your bedroom"-worthy strikes. With her debut full length, The Family Jewels, recently released in the UK (the album will see light of day on May 25 in the States), Marina performed a number of album cuts that received a generous dose of fan appreciation. For thine own self, I became "that girl" who could not stop dancing and singing along while trying to catch moments in the photo pit. All around, I think it was a smashing success.


Between rousing renditions of Girls, Hollywood and Mowgli's Road, Marina also proved her mettle with ballads like I Am Not a Robot and Obsessions, for which she jumped behind the keys for a stellar seated performance. Video of Oh No! can be found below. (full set of pictures can be viewed here)



Marina & The Diamonds are gearing up for a proper single release of I Am Not a Robot, prior to the outing of her debut here in May. Supplemental fixes come from a number of major mixers, including Clock Opera, from which I'm told is a beautiful accompaniment, and that I should have for you to hear soon! 


Below, you'll find the Stopmakingme Remix, which goes minimal clubby with a touch of dark undertones. Beaston approved! Additionally, check out two of the early demos that made me fall ever so hard and equally so fast for this rising star.







mp3: Marina and The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (Stopmakingme Remix)

mp3: Marina and The Diamonds - Blindfold Me

mp3: Marina and The Diamonds - Jealousy


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Love love love Marina and the Diamonds. Thanks for the write up. I caught both her shows in NYC, and she made me love her even more. I hope she makes it big! Looking forward to the new tracks on her U.S. release.

wow, love everything and Blindfold Me is AMAZING-- I wish there was an even better recording out there-- thanks for posting!

If you could repost the demos i would be very very grateful! Love her and I can't wait to see her on tour next month

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