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M'Black - Heartbreak (Diamond Cut Remix)

If you know anything about this Beast, then you know that upon seeing the words Diamond, and Cut, and Remix in the same phrasing, that my knees immediately buckle, and the sweats begin, even before pressing play. So goes the case with the latest in our round of limb-weakeners, with Diamond Cut's remix of M'Black's Heartbreak. It hurts so good.


So what more do you need to know...because you can guarantee this ish is the hotness per the above para-radness. Well, M'Black is Matt Schwartz, double known as Dada or The Drill, who has been producing records since 1995. He's got a great ear for the club bangers, and this slice is no different.

And then, of course, Diamond Cut gussies up the song to the point where we can't stop smiling. Grab it below, and consequently, please spin and grin with me.

I'm also bonus dosing you with more DC slickness. Because I can.


mp3: MBlack - Heartbreak (Diamond Cut Remix) 

mp3: Booty Luv - Say It (Diamond Cut Remix)



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