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Miike Snow Touches All Our Senses at Music Hall of Williamsburg

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that this past Friday was the first time I had caught Miike Snow in a live setting. Sure there's been many an opportunity as they've passed through NYC countless times, yet it always seemed as if they were playing on a night when I had other obligations. Such again was the case on March 26, however, there was no chance I'd skip this fantastic opportunity.


The first and most impressive aspect you'll notice about a Miike Snow show is that its's truly a treat for all the senses. Well, maybe not the sense of taste, but every other perception and mentality is pretty well covered. 

Lights, masks and smoke add a dynamic visual quality to your sight. The touch and smell of a crowd, rabid with fandom goes above and beyond anything I've experienced in a closed venue like Music Hall of Williamsburg this year. And the sound, well, c'mon...saying it was anything less than spot-on perfection is doing the band a great injustice.

Championing the crowd through near sing-a-longs of each of their album cuts, Andrew and his mates impressed whether behind keys, wielding a mighty guitar or simply leading a chorus of Black and Blue. Known hits and new tunes rounded out a great night of music, which began with Spanish lads, Delorean, warming up the crowd with their exacting dose of indie pop-rock. (full set of pictures from the show can be found here)

So maybe I lied...because that 5th and final sense was present. You can totally taste the passion and drive that both of these magnificent acts have. Eat it up.






mp3: Drake vs Miike Snow - Cult Logic Forever (The Hood Internet Mash)

mp3: Delorean - Monsoon


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Awesome review. I posted about Cult Logic Forever a few weeks ago...thought you might want to check it out.


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