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Montauk - Holiday (Letting Up Despite Great Faults Remix)


All hail Sweden, yo! Brandishing their nu-disco, melodic-house weapon of choice, Montauk pumped out a piano-driven debut single with Holiday. The song is a unique slice of warped and weird vocals with a generous dose of hand claps and glittery glam fuel. Yep, I said glam fuel...dig it.



Now that Holiday is seeing a proper release via Brilliantine on April 5, a number of the officially rad and officially legit remixes are being serviced out for massive distro and play. Sure, we're partial to the original, but we've been given a listen to some of these fixes, and woo boy, this is a package you're going to want to pick up.


Check out the list of includables below.


1. Holiday
2. Holiday (Tronik Youth Pool Mix)
3. Holiday (Justin Faust Remix)
4. Holiday (John's Candy Remix)
5. Holiday (What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow? Sticky Mix)
6. Holiday (Suck Shaft Remix)
7. Holiday (Sweet Track Holla-disco Dub)



Big wow for this effort, as our pals Justin Faust, WKBDYB and more get their hands all over Holiday. You can actually grab the Faust fix over at Stoney Roads...yum, free.


As a bonus, we're gifting you with Letting Up Despite Great Faults remix of the track. These LA kids create original tunes much in the same vein as Radio Dept and M83, which in turn means we already love these up-and-comers. Their mix is exclusively yours today, before it gets blasted out to the world tomorrow.


Win for all.


mp3: Montauk - Holiday (Letting Up Despite Great Faults Remix)

mp3: Montauk - Holiday





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