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Rihanna - Rude Boy (Cosmic Dawn Remix)

Since first getting wind of Cosmic Dawn (see the dude's phenomenal fix of Donkeyboy's Ambitions here), I've been on a mission to find out more about the man behind the mixes that make me move like no other. Thankfully, the rad remixer hit me up with a message this morning that his latest offering is ready for all to enjoy. Monday morning win!


First, a bit about our enigmatic pal. CD hails from Norway, and is a multi-talented remixer, producer and DJ. He's tackled the likes of Kanye, David Guetta, and Rihanna once prior...which brings us to today's sweet gift.

Yep, Rude Boy. We've loved it in all various shapes, sizes, sounds and styels before, and now we've even more reason to get our "dutty whine" on, with Cosmic Dawn's disco-tinged hypermix of the song. There's a nifty guitar base holding the fix down, while the dude layers echoes and claps over the sped up original.

He's also thrown a slightly reworked video with his mix playing...so if you're in the mood to see Rihanna swivel her curves a little faster this morning, then get your watching on now.




mp3: Rihanna - Rude Boy (Cosmic Dawn Remix) 



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