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Rihanna - Rude Boy (DVW Remix)

Let it be known that I really super honestly enjoy Rihanna's Rude Boy. I think it's a great pop song, and the lyrics, well, whew...we sweat a little more with each repeated listen.


With that said, anytime I really dig a more mainstreamed pop tune, on I go, searching for a remix or general fix to supplement what's deemed commercial. No, I don't intend to replace my love for the original, but rather than annoy my beastly self by repeated listenings of the same track over and over, I like to freshen it up with a fine rework.

Ok, that was a lot of back story. Let's just scroll and stroll through DVW's remix of Rude Boy...which falls somewhere between a Baltimore juke mix and a strict vocal edit.

We love it.


mp3: Rihanna - Rude Boy (DVW Remix)



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"which falls somewhere between a Baltimore juke mix and a strict vocal edit"

Sweet lord, speak to me!

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