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Tayisha Busay - SHOCK-WOO EP Release Party

Tayisha Busay have been rocking my body since I first caught 'em live back in January. Now, I along with they, are super-pee-in-ya-pants-excited to announce the debut of their first 5 song EP, SHOCK-WOO. It's a self-released album that the nasty trio has been fundraising for and they'll be promoting it on a mini-tour this month. 



To celebrate, these gnarly beasts are throwing an explosive dance party with live sets by Nite ClubPlanet Rump, and of course they'll get on stage and toss out a handful of cool. 


Party is Friday, March 12 from 9pm-1am at Brooklyn Fire Proof East...a new venue!


To thank everyone for their support over the past year, they might even throw you a free EP, along with some pizza and hickies...but only if you arrive before complete debauchery takes over. Ad if you need any more incentive to get your butts there, watch the teaser vid below. Debaucherous, indeed.




mp3: Jay-Z - Empire State of Mind (Nite Club Remix)



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