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Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight (new video)

I think Christina Aguilera's naughty new visuals for single, Not Myself Tonight, can be characterized by my first reaction to the clip. S & oMg. Really...if you're at work, you should probably watch this behind closed doors, or at the very least, in a "shroud your monitor" sense, for all you cubicle-kids.




With a song produced by Polow Da Don and written by Ester Dean, Aguilera's lead single from forthcoming album, Bionic, gets a "riddled with raunch" video from director Hype Williams. While my jaw dropped a number of times during the initial viewing of it, repeated views lead me to believe that Xtina has fed right into what audiences expect from a song with lyrical content about "kissing on boys and girls" and a driving beat that lends your "nethers" to quivertown.


It's decent, nothing groundbreaking...and yes for all you who are claiming it's a blatant rip-off of Madonna's Human Nature, it's not a carbon copy, which is good enough for me...so cool your latex pants.




Kitty want some dirty sweaty men? Meow.


Kitty want some girl on girl bondange? Purr.


Kitty want a good pop song with an ok video that I'm gonna watch again now? Hisssss.




mp3: Christina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight (Shahaf Moran Same Girl Remix)




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call me pop obsessed, but i think this was a brilliant ploy on her 'teams' part, mainly because it 'got' perez, which i think was their whole point. obviously nothing was original, because every aspect to each look was done in some other blonde's video before....that was the point. shes not herself, shes everyone else. even the photos that were leaked ahead of time hinted at gaga and britney looks even more so than how they appeared in the video, which led to perez pre-attacking her and falling right into their trap by talking about it. theres a growing theme happening in 2010 and its all about montaging whats been done and clawing at ideas to claim originality. i guess i expected very little from her, which is why i was pleased. i am looking forward to the Sia and Switch songs xtina did, i expect her get weird in her coming videos......hi sheena! cant wait to drop our video 'the original", i think it will more eloquently explain what im trying to say here....xoxo isla

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