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Crush: All Hot and Sweaty with Rafter, My Gold Mask and Hussle Club

Let it be known, I am a beast of a sweaty nature, so anything just above freezing point is more than likely to make me get all drenchified. So on a warm April evening, the monthly Meanred party, Crush, got down and dirty in The Loft above Public Assembly, aka, the sweat box. Adding to the heat of the venue was the ridiculously hot lineup of San Diego's Rafter, Chicago's My Gold Mask and New York's own Hussle Club



First up, the west coast's Rafter Roberts chucked out his indie dancerock tunes, jumping from behind the mic and encouraging everyone that his songs are about "sex, love, dancing and animal feelings". The latter of those actually being the name of his latest release on Asthmatic Kitty, his tune, No Fucking Around, is precisely that...no bullshit and raw radness.


Up next, our favorite pair from Chi-town, My Gold Mask, jumped behind their drums and strings to give us a wowin', howlin' set of their best tunes, along with a new jam that we want on our playlists immediately. Hint hint. Tech problems aside (scowls at the sound guy), Gretta and Jack charmed yet again, found new fans who were overheard saying "I never heard of them, but goddamn...just fucking WOW!", and gave us their best thumpingly awesome output as always.


Local kids, Hussle Club, rounded out the night, and leave it to this unnervingly raw band to crank the intensity up with a set of killer songs managed through broken equipment. It's not like it's unexpected though, seeing as how our pal Jeff notes that "they play as if they are going to break up tomorrow", and frankly, that's exactly what I love about them. Terrence and crew smashed drums, blew out cables and caused the best ruckus that last night could have ever hoped for.


Pictures (albeit a bit jankily-sketchy from the rad red lighting) from the evening are here, and check out video of My Gold Mask's performance of Violet Eyes and Hussle Club's set closer, Good Morning, Midnight below.







mp3: Hussle Club - Good Morning, Midnight



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awesome pictures, what a fun night! hot in every direction!

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