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Florrie - Panic Attack (Justin Faust Remix)

Continuing on in praise of Florrie, and relatedly, all things that Justin Faust touches, we're damn well pumped to drop a rad new remix on you. Get out your sparkle tops and roller disco pom pom balls, because it's a group skate, and you're all invited to hold hands and love up on this gem.



After having already gotten the royal treatment from Fred Falke, Florrie keeps on the F-train (shit, that sounded better in our heads, but we're keeping it anyway) by commissioning Faust to give her song, Panic Attack, his remix rub.


While we dig the song on its own (which is getting a video companion soon enough), we totally fell head over heels for this Justin-jam. It's kind of like of like the original is an ice cream sundae. Deliciously brilliant in it's own right. But then you add marshmallow cream, aka, the mighty hand of a master mixer like JF, and something oh so good gets even tastier.


Yeah...metaphors. Grab this mix...it'll make you melt. (Hit DiscoDust for the Bit Funk mix too. Yum!)


mp3: Florrie - Panic Attack (Justin Faust Remix)



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indeed a fantastic mix but they didn't commission the remix, more accidental than anything... ;)

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