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Free Energy: Amplified (behind the band video!)

In the latest ABCNews Amplified webisode shorts, we get a peek inside the life and formation of Philadelphia band, Free Energy. The five member power pop-rock troupe includes members Scott Wells, Paul Sprangers, Evan Wells, Geoff Bucknam, and Nick Shuminksy. They released their James Murphy-produced debut album, Stuck on Nothing, earlier this year.



As interviewer Dan Harris notes, "They’re the first band I’ve ever met that cops to using self-help books as a source for lyrics."


Additionally, we learn this about the band: "Paul Sprangers and Scott Wells met in high school (we managed to get their yearbook pics, which you’ll enjoy), struggled as a minor indie rock band, and are now breaking out with songs inspired by Tom Petty, Thin Lizzy and AC/DC. In this interview, they talk about their prior band’snasty break-up, and their feelings about the critics who so frequently invoking the movie “Dazed and Confused” to describe their new music."


Watch the boys in the video below. Next up in the exclusive series will be either The Specials or Florence + the Machine. Either way...yay!




mp3: Free Energy - Bang Pop




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Wait'll you see the video for "Bang Pop". It's gonna be awesome sauce (I'm in it and it shot this weekend, hence how I know).

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