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Kaskade (ft Dragonette) - Fire In Your New Shoes

The second single from Kaskade's upcoming album, Dynasty, features one of our most favorite bands of the past few years. London-via-Canada outfit, Dragonette, give his track, Fire In Your Shoes, the specialty vocal treatment and a punch of riffy roughness that suits his stellar production so well.



With the Chicago-born DJ set to release his sixth studio album on April 27 (digitally) and May 11 (everywhere), he's already thrown out the title track for our listening pleasure, which features Haley providing the voicework.


Fire In Your Shoes is available on iTunes now. Give a listen to it below, and if so inclined, grab the track here.


BONUS! Dragonette are playing Brooklyn Bowl on Sunday, April 25. Get a $5 ticket here.




mp3: Kaskade (featuring Dragonette) - Fire In Your New Shoes





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