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Penguin Prison: The Man With All the Answers

In so many more ways than can be classified, NYC"s own Penguin Prison, aka Chris Glover, legitimately has come through with all the correct responses. Let's see, he's generated a number of solo cuts that fulfill every wanting need for smart and sophisticated pop tunes. He's also remixed the hell out of tracks that already have a loving home in nearly every blogger and music lovers' heart. 



Additionally, he's literally got all the right answers when it comes to doing a brief Beaston interview. With his debut NYC performance coming up this Thursday, April 8 at Mercury Lounge (tickets here), what better way to get ready to rock than by picking the dude's brain.


Let's do it!


SB: What's the story/meaning behind the name Penguin Prison?
CG: A few years ago I made a funny rap song with my friend Bob, aka Discombobulated, where we were just freestyling about George W. Bush. At one point in the song Bob said "He's a penguin vision, he went to the penguin prison and assumed a penguin position." I thought that was a very ridiculous and funny line and remembered it a few years later when I was trying to decide on a name for the new project I was working on. Does that make any sense? Not sure but it is the truth! 
SB: Aside from the word "pop", choose one word to describe your sound. Feel free to elaborate on why you chose that one word.
CG: Money. I want my music to sound like money. I also have 2 songs that are going to be on my album that are about money and they just happen to be my two favorite songs. One is called Don't Fuck With My Money and the other is called Multi-Millionaire.
SB: Are there any specific artists or albums that helped shape your sound?
CG: A lot of things have gone into my music but some of the main influences are Talking Heads, Nirvana, Wu-Tang Clan, Hot Chip, Radiohead and many more. I am honestly inspired a lot by people I am friends with that make music like Holy Ghost!, White Williams, Girl Talk and other people.
SB: Do you have any plans for videos for the singles you've already let out?
CG: Yes. There will be a video for Something I'm Not coming out very soon if it is not out already. It was filmed using Skype. The director, Roman, was in London and set up a camera and videotaped me on Skype while I was in NYC. Then he took the footage of me and added effects to it. It looks very good to me. I would like to make more videos in the
future of course.
SB: If you could collaborate with any one artist, whether it be on a track together, or you remixing something, who would it be, what song, and why?
CG: I would have liked to make a new song together with Michael Jackson but now that can't happen. I would also like to make a song with Prince. I think my favorite song of his is either Kiss or I Wanna Be Your Lover but I am not sure. It could be another song since he has so many I like.



mp3: Golden Silvers - True Romance (Penguin Prison Remix)

mp3: Penguin Prison - A Funny Thing (Jeffrey Jerusalem Remix)



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Don't Fuck With My Money is quite literally the best song you'll hear all year.

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