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Die Antwoord Sign to Interscope; Album Due Soon

I'm admittedly a little embarrassed that I love Die Antwoord so much. Strike that...no I'm not. The South African rave-rappers have been on a tear through Stateside festivals and cities, along with continuing building buzz through blogworld by staying interesting, through their unique style and songs.



Don't let their appearance fool you. Ninja, Yolandi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek are the real deal...and if it's any justification, they've just signed with Interscope, so get ready for their album $O$ to take over your listening rounds, as they put it, "fokken soon". While most of the album was released for free last year, the finished, mastered, and sure to be refreshed disc's track listing remains primarily the same.


Die Antwoord will be hitting New York City on July 24, when they join up with HARD NYC on Governor's Island. The weekend prior, they'll do the same out on the west coast for HARD LA. 


To promote the upcoming release, Ninja laid in the tattoo chair for 11 interrupted hours and got a sweet back-piece. Watch the time-lapse video of the experience below.




mp3: Die Antwoord - Rich Bitch




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never feel embarrassed about liking these guys....the most inspiring thing to come in a long minute. tons of new electro acts out here in LA with massive major label budgets struggling to get any attention and they come along with a viral video and walk right into the top slot. even though the pop industry has caught up to the underground, the internet can still save us all....

I'm just getting into them myself, but so far I'm really diggin' it. They're really good, definitely don't be embarrassed!

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