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Introducing: Mochi Beats (and free mashup album)

Ooooh wee, I have a hit from an enigmatic mixer and masher who comes to the rescue on an otherwise quiet and dull morning in rainy ol' Beastonia today. Mochi Beats, a lad from Cali, tossed us a note earlier with quite a bit of the rad to turn our gray demeanor into a mashed up mini dance party...co-workers, beware.



Much like the revered Girl Talk, our homeboy from Pittsburgh (big-ups son!), MB weaves his magic by stirring up over 100 well-known tunes into a 24-track offering, fittingly dubbed Mochi Beats (the album). Now, normally we tend to stray from all that is "top-40" but if we can consume a ton of those tracks, mixed with some of our underground and indie faves, in a tidy and concise fashion, then let his tunes be the path we take to aural pleasuredoms.


Give a peek at his extensive track list below, download the entire album all zipped up tightly here, then jump after for a few of my faves, including the last which is not on the album.


Dance mania aka Sweat Fest to the 50-leventh Power begins...NOW!


1. Time Boom (Bloc Party + Black Eyed Peas + Ocelot + P!nk + Snap + Felli Fel + Niyi + The Church)
2. Pap Disarm (Smashing Pumpkins + Rye Rye + M.I.A. + Crystal Castles + Penguin Prison + Mike Posner + Gigamesh + Shakira + Lil Wayne + Cloetta Paris)
3. Since U Been Feeling (Black Eyed Peas + Kelly Clarkson + Amanda Blank + Cassette Kids)
4. Walking on Greece (Amanda Blank + Empire of the Sun + Magic Wands + Three Drives)
5. Goose Jump (Designer Drugs + Kelis + Trick Daddy + Khia + Captain Hollywood + Bad Boys Blue)
6. Bizarre Maneater (Nelly Furtado +Frente)
7. Call on Hustla (Eric Prydz + Daft Punk + Sun E + Paul Wall + Cloetta Paris) 
8. Lollipop Ghost (Tegan and Sara + Amanda Blank + Three 6 Mafia + Cicada + Journey + Kid Sister + Chromeo + Santigold)
9. Send Me a Crush (Real Life + Paramore + P!nk + Black Eyed Peas)
10. Hot Embers (Wonder Girls + Huey + M83 + Just Jack + L-Wiz) 
11. Hot 'n Heaven (The Cure + Katy Perry + Huey + Jay-Z + Coheed and Cambria + Jordin Sparks)
12. I'll Fly in this Club (Usher + Gigi D'Agostino + Jay-Z)
13. Hypnotize Gold (Biggie Smalls + Neil Young + Vanessa Hudgens)
14. Party in the Field (Miley Cyrus + Clipse + Sir Aah + Jay-Z + Force and Styles)
15. Listen to Your Safety Dance (Jay-Z + Roxette + Men Without Hats)
16. Talk About Good Things (Nelly Furtado + Kanye West + Brandy)
17. Wonderwall Girl (Oasis + Cassie)
18. Lisztomania Island (Phoenix + El Perro Del Mar + Birdman + Lil Wayne) 
19. Cruel Sky (Bananarama + Kanye West + Lupe Fiasco + Backstreet Boys + Pet Shop Boys + Human League + Depeche Mode)
20. Absolutely Tik Tok (Kesha + Pet Shop Boys + Khia)
21. Snow Break (Taio Cruz + Red Hot Chili Peppers + Pack)
22. Gifted Stop (Glee + Rich Boy + Kylie Minogue + Paula Deanda + N.A.S.A + Kanye West + Santigold + Sia) 
23. Kids Apologize (Mgmt + One Republic + Red Hot Chili Peppers) 
24. Love Story Without You (Taylor Swift + Green Day + U2 + Twista + Pharrell + Tweet + "Jesus Christ." (the indie band))



mp3: Mochi Beats - Walking on Greece (Amanda Blank x Empire of the Sun x Magic Wands x Three Drives)

mp3: Mochi Beats - Listen to Your Safety Dance (Jay-Z x Roxette x Men Without Hats)

mp3: Mochi Beats - OMG Me (Usher x Britney Spears x Tiesto)


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