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Kanye West (featuring Dwele) - Power (new song)

Yo Yeezy, where you been, brother? Hiding out, keeping his yap shut and apparently working on new material that's making our Friday heat the hell up, and it's still early! Earlier this month, rumblings started rolling that Kanye West would debut a new song during his Loop Dream Foundation's upcoming June 8 benefit. Charity y'all...cause it's out now, and it's generously slick and sick.



Power is a classic West work...hater shoutin' lyrics (fuck SNL!), a steady, if not yet again Jesus Walks-esque militant beat, and Dwele (you'll remember him from his Flashing Lights croons) coming in to sing a bit. Real talk, I'm digging this song like a beast this morning, and it's undoubtedly ready to burn a path through our blog-world. (hat tip to Rap Radar on the scoop)


Also, no quality piece of Kanye killers would be complete without a hefty sample. Mr. West goes the prog-rock route by looping up King Crimson's 21st Century Schizoid Man.




mp3: Kanye West (featuring Dwele) - Power

mp3: King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man



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Say what you like, but K West is still killing it!

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