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Malente & Dex (featuring Spoek & Gnucci Banana) - Doo Doo Dance

It's only just past 9am here in Beastonia, and I already know exactly what song I will be doing some dutty whine and capoeira mash-up style dancing to all weekend long. Thanks to the talented tip o' the fingers of Berlin's Malente & Dex, there's going to be a bona fide sweat fest happening here for the next few days...and it starts right now.



Back in mid-April, the pair released their Habibi EP, which features the title track, and two more fun slices of wow wow wildness. In Nightclubs is a bouncy romp through middle eastern beats while Doo Doo Dance follows the same formula while enlisting the husband and wife guest vocalists, Spoek & Gnucci Banana, to deliver some fun party rocking vocals.


New video for the latter can be found below. And strike that statement about the "one song" I'll be listening to all weekend. Natch...it's the entire EP I'll have on repeat. Buy it here. along with two separate remix packages here and here.


As Doo Doo Dance suggests in the lyrics: "I talk with my body..." Super win.




mp3: Malente & Dex (featuring Spoek & Gnucci Banana) - Doo Doo Dance

mp3: Malente & Dex - In Nightclubs (Camel Remix)




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