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Nicki Minaj-à-trois

Sure that sounds like the most clichéd post title ever. But when you have 3 new drops of the Nicki Minaj goodness, what are you supposed to do...simply turn a blind eye to the fact that her last name mirrors a triple play dirty girl act? Man, heck no. Let's get rowdy!



Here's the rundown on the three tracks that were rocking my body this weekend.


Flippin' the clean version of Usher's Lil Freak, Sean Garrett jumps on for some extra pizazz'n'at. Still think Nicki's verse on this cut is her finest to day, aside from the drop on Cassie's F**k U Silly, but is that ever going to see the light of day in full form? One can only hope.

mp3: Usher (featuring Nicki Minaj and Sean Garrett) - Lil Freak


The next two slices of rad come courtesy of Miss Info. To start, we've got her Annie Lennox-sampling song, Your Love. The track will appear on her upcoming debut album which is coming out, um, when? Last but not least, she hops over to the Bionic world of Christina Aguilera and lets loose a lick of the whoa on her song WooHoo. Listen to this getting ready to go out, but definitely not on the loud at work. You've been warned.

mp3: Christina Aguilera (featuring Nicki Minaj) - WooHoo

mp3: Nicki Minaj - Your Love





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Those were some good songs. But the best Nicki Minaj I've heard is on Fabolous - For the money. She spits some really dope rhymes.

I love that Christina song!

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