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Sheena Beaston Takes Over Accidental Rhythm on East Village Radio Tomorrow, May 28, 4-6pm

Way back when I was but a fledgling beast of less than "double digits" years old, my wildest "when I'm grown up" dream was to become a radio DJ who also was the first female president and a major league baseball player. Shenanigans! Thankfully, the latter two were fleeting and flighty at best, probably thanks to something I saw on tv or overheard my siblings waxing on about. The former is a "hell yeah" moment that we get to live out tomorrow!



Our buddy, Jason, who normally hosts the two hours of stellar music programming on Fridays from 4-6pm on East Village Radio, decided to jet outta town and take a vacation. Deservedly so, but lucky for us, he's entrusting his end-of-the-work-week time-slot to this beast, and color me all sorts of excited.


I'm ready to spin rad tunes, stutter over my words, and generally speaking, let you all listen to my ramblings. It'll be like you're reading this site, only you get to hear me in your ears too. Kickass! One of my latest "obsessed about" bands, The Hundred in the Hands, will also be dropping by the booth during that time to talk shop and help me play some killer tunes.


It's the Friday before Memorial Day too...so when that 5'o'clock whistle blows tomorrow, you better be tuned in (here) while I drop a dandy banger to set your long weekend off on the right foot. Let's get rad!


mp3: Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Crystal Vision Remix)



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This track just made my week.

You rock.

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