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Sleigh Bells Show Off Their Treats at Webster Hall

No bones about it, I'm pretty psyched for Sleigh Bells' debut album, Treats, to see it's proper release on May 11. In anticipation of next week's freshman output, the band is on a tour-de-force through the East coast, which includes 3 stops here in New York City, the first of which was last night's showcase at Webster Hall, which turned out to be a sweaty and raucous display of their most face-meltingly-rad repertoire.



Letting loose a new track from the upcoming album last week, Sleigh Bells heightened a blog-fueled love and anticipation for the Brooklyn duo's forthcoming release. Fitting then, that they entered the stage to the familiar riffs of Tell 'Em, the free song that more often than not fires up a deserving fist pump or two. In standard Sleigh-fashion, Alexis and Derek tore through their pocket of familiar songs, made famous thanks to a number of the demos which have made their way 'round the Internet more often than not.


One thing I've always loved about this pair is their unwavering confidence. Having seen them play for a small lot of twenty watchers up through last night's sell out crowd, the passion and performance-ship that these two display never ceases to impress. They shred and sing and stomp all over the stage as if their final strums might result in an apocalyptic meltdown. 


Let the Armageddon begin.


Full set of pictures from last night's show can be found here.






mp3: Sleigh Bells x Rye Rye - Tell Em Rye Rye Said Bang! (Mover Shaker Mix)




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My favorite review so far: "It's like watching a car crash in slow motion after drinking a can of Pimp Juice."

Check it: http://movershaker.muxtape.com

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