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CrushFEST with Yes Giantess, Fang Island, Big Freedia and more...June 24 at Public Assembly

Crush is that rad ass bad ass monthly party showcasing “Dance Bands We Love” – bands whose music makes us feel like we’re bathing in champagne and skipping through meadows. They don’t make us dance like say, the cabbage patch or running man, but they move us all the same. Now, with the L Magazine's Northside Festival approaching next week, the Crushers are getting in on the action.



On June 24, the fun gets funner and funkier as theyre presenting a Crush mini-fest as a part of L Magazine’s annual Northside Festival. These kids are packing 2 rooms with bands we’re crushin on…with headliners Fang Island, Yes Giantess and Big Freedia!


More details on this kickass kick-up-your-heels event are below.



w/ Yes Giantess, Fang Island, Big Freedia, Rusty Lazer, Iran, MillionYoung, Dinosaur Feathers, Anton Glamb, LE1F, Jason Pants & Chaz Requina (Palms Out Sounds), Denny Le Nimh, No Surrender, + MORE


WHEN: Thursday, June 24th
WHERE: Public Assembly // 70 North 6th St, Brooklyn NYC
DOOR: 9pm - 4am
TICKETS: $15 advanced tix available HERE



mp3: Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA (Yes Giantess Remix)

mp3: Yes Giantess - Ruins (Good Goose Remix)



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maybe my coffee's been a bit bitter this week cause im seeing our ideas eeeeeeverywhere. my only qualm with this crush party is that the founder of it and i had a bit of a tiff regarding BEMF, our label being used in the press release, and us getting the shit stick, then a month later we leave NY and she starts a party called CRUSH, which has been our brand in brooklyn for 10 YEARS....coincidence? who knows...and maybe i shouldnt care, but i wouldnt b a NYer if i didnt act on bitterness ;) also for the record our nickname 'the crushers' was given to us by june d back in FUN days....But go and support my brother from another mother LE1F and Chaz they always kill it and im jealous to b missing Big Freedia.... lastly, before i step down, DONT HIDE YOUR STRIPES BEASTLY MAMA, YOUR A FREE BITCH BABY!....#theoriginal purple crush out...xxxo

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