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I Blame Coco - Self Machine (new video!)

Enamored, enraptured, enhtusiastic...shall we go on? These are the things I feel when listening to the smoky tones pouring forth from I Blame Coco. Ever since first catching wind of her last year, I've been on a mission to get as much of her music in my ears as possible. She's the daughter of Sting, she's worked with Robyn and Teddybears, and basically, she should just be my pal and we'll high five each other and be rad beasts every day. Oh, and she's got a new video. Commence the awesome.



Self Machine is a song you can fall in love with upon first listen. In an odd twist, I'd heard La Roux's remix of the track prior to the original, and that's what set my swoon-fest for the song in motion. It was lush, quiet, soft and introspective, then out burst the official single, and POW! it's an up-tempo winner with a driving beat and a terrific acrobatic arrangement.


The newly-released video for Self Machine can be viewed below. The single comes out July 12 with remixes from the aforementioned redhead and Sub Focus. Pre-orders taken here.


Loving all of it...all of it...all of it.




mp3: I Blame Coco - Self Machine

mp3: I Blame Coco - Please Rewind



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Can you reupload "please rewind" They're great tracks! Love

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