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Kanye West Might Be Sampling "Popular", from Wicked (and there's already a remix, kind of)

Whew, that's a long ass post title for something that "might" come off of Kanye West's upcoming album, Good Ass Job. Late last night, a short clip was tossed on YouTube, which shows Yeezy in the studio making some beats. And Broadway-philes will instantly recognize the song he's sampling/playing over. Me? It took a bit of research to figure it all out, cause I don't frequent the "great white way".



The award-winning musical, Wicked, has been on Broadway for nearly 7 years, and it shows no sign of stopping to be a popular staple of tourists and tenants of the city alike. Funny I mention its mass appeal and prominence. Why? There's a song in the show called Popular, and now that West has gone from college to registration, graduation and eventually heartbreak, he's now embracing his own status. Not like that was ever in question.


On a recent trip to Hawaii, Kanye hit the studio and played around with Popular as he sessioned out some new beats. Could this be a preview of something from his upcoming album? Maybe. Possibly. This remains to be seen.


And some dude named Flipboitamidles already went and rubbed up the song with an old Rhymefest and West tune. Honestly? I'm not mad at this mix at all. Grab it after the clip.



mp3: Kanye West - Brand New x Popular (Flipboitamidles Remix)


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I found this blog post and did some research about the Wicked Sample Kanye used in the video of him in the studio working on Good Ass Job and found this blog post http://meshculture.com/blog/?p=3239 . It's very interesting. A lot of people are starting to talk about this kid and all the coincidences at Kanyelive.com

kANYE... iT IS TIME foR YOUR JUDGEMENT!! There is a hilarious parody video of Kanye's new song Power on YouTube. Search for Kanye West Power by Tubbychubcakes to see it!

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