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Marina and the Diamonds Appear on 1960s Variety Show for Stella Artois

Last November, Florence + the Machine shacked up with Stella Artois (mmm beer) to create a novelty viral video to celebrate all things black-and-white and awesome and nostalgic. Now, another lass from 'cross the pond hooks up with the Belgian bierlords to do more of the same. Hey, Marina and the Diamonds, show us what you're working with!



Stella Artois's latest campaign features Marina's song, I Am Not A Robot, during a 1960's style program inspired featurette. This music video is aired "live" from inside Stella Artois's new "less glass, less Co2, more class" bottle. Oooh la la!


Give it a watch now!





mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot (Greg Taylor Remix)

mp3: Marina And The Diamonds - Horror Pop



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Link is dead :( I've been looking for this remix everywhere - would you mind uploading again?

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