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New Vo Riche's Debut Album, Thing Parade, Out Next Week (and free song!)

New Vo Riche's debut album, Thing Parade, follows the group's EP Rhetoric, both combining the trio’s love of genres like indie, rock, folk and alternative music. About two months ago, we got all up in NVR's business, and frankly, we like being there. With a sound mixing the singer/songwriter vibes and alt-indie awesomeness, the album comes with insight into the three guys' lives and beliefs.



The inspiration behind the title and overall theme of Thing Parade stemmed from an idea of a collection of characters coming together with spontaneous creativity. The title track also serves as the album's opening song, with the repetition of opening lyrics "Story goes like..." getting ready to tell a tale of "a thing parade from out of the mountains" and "out in the snow."


Pretty deep stuff. Pretty killer tunes.


New Vo Riche's debut album, Thing Parade, will be available via all digital outlets on June 22. And you get a bonus freebie, in the form of the single, She's Not Your Girl. Yummers.


mp3: New Vo Riche - Shes Not Your Girl



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This trio is awesome,

great guys...very cool. bryce and I are listening on my iPhone at carlsbad caverns in the guadalupe mountains near the NM-TX line. now vo riche completes the atmosphere. love it!

really nice sound

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