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Pretty Lights and RJD2 Steam Up Terminal 5

Let's paint this picture: it's 12:30am this past Friday, and here I am sitting on the subway, legs wet and sticking to the seat, shirt looking as through I'd just run through a sprinkler. And this was all well over an hour after leaving Terminal 5, and the hotter than hell sets by RJD2 and Pretty Lights. Worth it? Undoubtedly.



On a night filled with preteens, pre-show pukers, and presumptions beyond belief, it was nice to see that each of those three entities were kicked to the curb within minutes of stepping foot inside the venue. Yep, the young'uns got booted, both for being underage and for revisiting their dinners (gross), but it was the notions I had going in that went by the wayside as each respective gent took to the stage.


Having known and loved the better portion of RJD2's catalogue for quite some time, having finally caught his impressive set in a live setting was quite the experience. 4 turntables befit the skills of a man with a lot to say...through his talented hands. Only downside was seeing the young young young, did I mention they were young, crowd react giddily to Ghostwriter, especially since his repertoire hosts and boasts many a pleasurable track beyond that known tune. It was evident that the gelatinous (does that make sense instead of saying juicehead?) mob came for Pretty Lights and he alone. The Colorado native, although still unsigned, played one thumping tune after another to a sold out crowd who danced themselves silly and all sorts of sweaty. It was basically a rave cave, and everyone was digging the slimy walls thanks to a solid set of his well-known works.


Best part of the night? Sitting on the roof deck and a 19 year old NYU student sits next to me and my "slightly older than I by a few years" pal, to which she asks us: "What grade are you guys in?"




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mp3: Pretty Lights - Fly Away Another Day

mp3: RJD2 - When It Wobbles



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it’s like rjd2 tried to cram every record he’s ever heard into each track, which provides a really incompatible and unbalanced listen. His music seems to have lost the original and exciting chemistry it had and it has resulted in a self indulgent album that tries just a bit too hard.

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