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The Creators Project: Art, Mind, Heart and Soul

The brainchild of microchips and music magazines seems like a "hmm...come again?" sort of venture, but when pulled off as seamlessly and pretty freaking radly as VICE and Intel did this past Saturday for the launch event of The Creators Project, at NYC's Milk Studios, then the only head scratching done is the next day. Think of it as a "wow, dudes...did we really pack all that 'awesome' into a 14 hour day?" Yeah. Yeah, we did.



Considering the breadth of musics, arts and peoples we spent hours upon hours interacting with, a split up of the day's going-ons is a bit necessary, if only for my sanity. For this visual piece, we're gonna focus on the installations, film and general beauty of the stunning bodies of work on display. Music reviews (to follow) will be broken up into individual posts by set.


Thanks one hundred times over to VICE and Intel for throwing a top-notch bash that's still got me in permagrin mode. Truly an event for the mind, body, heart and soul.


Please enjoy the images below, and jump to this link for the full gamut of awesomeness.










mp3: Santogold x M.I.A. - Santo Mia (Immuzikation HolierThanThouBlend)




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So the NY Creators party was a smash, M.I.A and Mark Ronson were awesome. If you missed out and are in London, you’re in luck! Want to see the likes of Mark Ronson for free?

The Creators Project is coming to London and VICE and Intel are throwing you the biggest party ever.
To get yourself FREE tickets all you need to do is register here:http://www.thecreatorsproject.com/en-uk/events/the-creators-project-conquers-london

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