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The-Dream - "Yamaha" and "Panties to the Side"

If you're not looking forward to The-Dream's Love King album (due out June 29) then we are not friends. But natch, you really should be paying attention to what ol' boy is singing and saying, because nobody is really penning the kind of swoon and croon-worthy r&b jams like he is. More audial proof of that as you read on.



Comparing your girl to a motorcycle may not immediately appear like the sexiest and most intimate form of flattery, but on YamahaTerius Youngdell Nash turns out the steely structure of the machine into a boudoir bumper. Vroom vroom...we likey.


While a whole handful of slow-jam sensual songs from the upcoming album have already been spread around, Yamaha picks up the beat a bit and it's purrs, pauses and perfection.


BONUS! Forget everything I said about Yamaha. This album (track list below) is all about Panties to the Side. Truth.


1. Love King
2. Make Up Bag (featuring T.I.)
3. F.I.L.A. (featuring T.I.)
4. Sex Intelligent
5. Sex Intelligent (Remix)
6. Yamaha
7. Nikki Part 2
8. Abyss
9. Panties to the Side
10. Turnt Out
11. February Love
12. Florida University
13. Veteran *
14. Priceless *
15. Take Care of Me *
16. All Black Everything *
17. Sorry *
18. Love King (Remix) featuring Ludacris *
19. Love King (Remix) featuring Young Jeezy **
* deluxe edition only
** iTunes bonus track


mp3: The-Dream - Panties To The Side

mp3: The-Dream - Yamaha


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Thanks for 'Yamaha'.

It's a shameless Prince rip-off and I love it shamelessly.

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