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twack marks #16 - Robyn - Body Talk Pt. 1

It's been a long time coming to give my official beastly-opinion on Robyn's Body Talk Pt. 1. If you're like us, then you've undoubtedly already spun the disc many a time over and again, thanks to the inevitable early leak of the album. However, in a show of support for the Swedish singer, I decided to wait until today, the album's proper release date to weigh in via the 140-character laden feature, "twack marks".


Twack marks_robyn

Dare we say that Robyn is making moves to separate her originality even further into a category of her own, but the option to release three albums this year (all short form players of eight tracks) gets even a touch more unique by her decision to only release one official single from each disc. Promo singles naturally ease out, but with even if she decided to quit right there, she's already got the Song of the Year Contender with Dancing On My Own


Oh, and the rest of the album? Let's see what I think...


Robyn - 01 - Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do [minimally amazing...air your grievances, girl...i support the 3:05 mark drop like a boss...A]

Robyn - 02 - Fembot [production reminiscent of her last album...smooth electrodrips pair nicely with her robotic cadence...legit fun...B+]


Robyn - 03 - Dancing On My Own [song of the year...song of the year...song of the year...dance break and fist pumps...song of the year...A+]


Robyn - 04 - Cry When You Get Older [cutest song on disc...pre-chorus is ACE "she saaaaiiid, there just must be more to life than this"...B]


Robyn - 05 - Dancehall Queen [diplo production...dub-light funky beat but this one always falls short for me until the chorus kicks in...B-


Robyn - 06 - None Of Dem [royksopp production...deep echo beats & hushy vocals call out dem boys/girls' shortcomings...100% perfection...A+]


Robyn - 07 - Hang With Me (acoustic) [i love the arrangement...orchestrally & emotionally stunning...robyn lets her vocals really shine...B]


Robyn - 08 - Jag vet en dejlig Rosa [no no no no no no no no...i get it, but i dont have to like it...no no no no no no no no no...skip...C]


What more can I say? Robyn's Body Talk Pt. 1 is an album that speaks to her style and talent. She knows how to drum up emotions, drive a dancefloor and direct everyone to pay attention to what she has to say.


I recommend that you all do just as she says. Buy Robyn's Body Talk Pt. 1 here.


BONUS! I've written about nearly every mix of Dancing On My Own already, but gosh, if this one doesn't just take the cake, then I don't know what does. J Wow from Buraka Som Sistema comes through with an arrangement that could easily have been the original take on the track, and I would have loved it all the same.


mp3: Robyn - Dancing On My Own (J Wow Smoked Summer Mix)



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Agreed. Good record.

Thrilled you like None of Dem! I have made myself the ambassador for None of Dem because it doesn't get enough kudos by people. I would've put these songs in the same order as you have according to grade and your comments are spot on. xx

*resists putting "So A+"*

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