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Ace of Base - All For You (new song!)

Stop what you are doing right now and pay attention: Ace of Base are back, they've got a new lineup, fresh single (and additional new tune), and there's going to be a Swedish pop invasion in this Beast's ears for the remainder of the day. Not like we don't already do that every chance we get...



Yep, the construction of the Swedish foursome looks way different, and oh so younger, now that sisters Linn and Jenny Berggren eased out of the group to focus on their solo works. Instead, two new females grab the spotlight: Clara Hagman and Julia Williamson, both noticeably half the age of original dude members Ulf Ekberg and Jonas Berggren.


But we're not ones to complain, because AoB has a new single, and yep, it sounds like new Ace of Base doing old Ace of Base music, and that's precisely all I could ever wish and hope for.


The song is called All For You. It may get a proper US radio spin on EVR's Belly of the Beast tonight, but you'll have to tune in to find out! In the meantime, listen to the single, along with another new promo cut, Mr. Replay, which finds a singer named Lex grabbing the chorus vocals.





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I love ACE OF BASE since 1993 and ACE.OF.BASE now!!!!

I'm soooo glad that they're finally back! It's been too long living without their music!

As a fan from the start, the legend that was Ace of Base made heat waves in the 90’s like a fire fed by pure oxygen. With sisters Linn and Jenny, they brought a level of emotion when they sung that was simply real and magical. It was the oxygen that fed the fire. They etched moments in 90’s history that will forever be remembered. Ace of Base will forever be identified by Ulf, Jonas, Linn and Jenny.

The new single and band line up leaves much to be desired. The vocals are weak and bland which is cemented by the fact that the track sounds over produced, and heavily edited. It embodies an element like any flash in the pan dance act of today. It has no substance and mirrors what Cascada could do with very little effort.


Having new faces in the lineup and still carrying the name Ace of Base is insulting. If they would have given the new band a new name I would have more respect for them.

The legend that was Ace of Base will never be matched because good music never dies. Forever the memories...

Love Ace of Base! Love the new songs and the new lineup! Go Aces!

This will never reached the charts, becuase this is awful. Maybe in Sweden, but not in Germanny. Ace of Base now over.

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