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Nina Sky - You Ain’t Got It (Funk That)

With the early 90s revisited, NYC twintastic duo, Nina Sky are back with a new jam that samples an iconic diss on repetitive radio stations. Last we heard from the pair, a full album was in the works, but with label issues and delays making the possibilities of a full-length all but naught, a new EP is getting readied instead. We're cool with that, cause this track is a burner.



In 1994, rapper Sagat had a minor hit with Why Is It? (Funk Dat). Now, with a flip of the beat and some fresh new lyrics, Nina Sky bring the song into modern melodies and it's definitely got that summa jam steez! As they put it:


"You Ain't Got It [is] a new track we collaborated on w/ DJ Yonny from our upcoming EP The Otherside which drops this Summer!! We sampled one of our favorite dance joints from the 90's, Funk That by Sagat and flipped it w/ some Na**Sky melodies."


Grab the cut below.


mp3: Nina Sky - You Aint Got It (Funk That)



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