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Sia - Stop Trying (The Hair Kid Live PA Remix)

Also known as: THE MOST IMPRESSIVE THING YOU'LL SEE ALL DAY. Caps necessary, cause that's my beastly excitement and anxiousness to relay this information to you. A few minutes ago, I was all prepared to post up a video of Sia performing an acoustic take on Be Good to Me in Berlin recently. But in doing a bit of "net-digging", something so amazing trumped that bit. You can still revel in the beauty of that previous thought-about post here, but let's get straight away to this other piece o' heat!



Stop Trying is a fun sub-3 minute track from Sia's latest album, We Are Born. Poppy and prepped for hand claps and foot stomps, it's an instant favorite for everyone from the casual listener to the most dedicated fan (song can be heard here). Now...instead of stop "trying", please stop "listening" to the original, and move on to this.


The Hair Kid, from what I gather, is your regular dude form New Jersey, who "makes music with synthesizers and [my] tongue". But what's oh so not average about the kid, is his epic, funky, live remix of Sia's Stop Trying


A recent upload to YouTube, THK set up a video camera, and proceeded to do a live mix of the song, adding his own verses throughout. The 7+ minute long fix has got me swooning like a fiend this morning, and hell if I haven't already watched and listened at least 5 times in full. There are more viewings to be had starting right now...join me, won't you?






mp3: Sia - Stop Trying (The Hair Kid Live PA Remix)




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This is awesome! Thanks for posting it.

This guy is really good - even with the "rad" early 90s hair!

"Beastly excitement"? Hahaha. I agree, it's pretty much an instant favorite. Bought it before the track even finished playing.

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