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Sky Ferreira - Wish I Stayed (new/old cover)

Dramas, back stories and intrigue, ooh la la! Well, kind of... Here's the deal: you might immediately recognize this song, either via the title or through listening, because Sky Ferreira's Wish I Stayed, is in actuality, an Ellie Goulding song. So wait, how does that enter into our world as such today? Let's read on, mmmkay?



Ms. Goulding wrote and recorded Wish I Stayed, upon whence Frankmusik asked Ms. Ferreira to record it. Sky changed up the structure of the song, which prompted Ellie to block the release, furthering on to change the way SHE sang it (in order to be like Sky's version), and that's it in a nutshell. Really old drama. Really great cover, demo, original, whatever you want to call it.


It should also be noted that there will be a Frankmusik and Sky collaboration on her new album. No more drama, hey Mary J, hey.


mp3: Sky Ferreira - Wish I Stayed



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this is am

This is amazing

THIS SONG IS amazing >>>i love the way she sings the song

Still deciding, but I think I like this better than the original.

That's not what happened. Frankmusik got Sky to sing over Ellie's backing track. Sky sang it more less exactly the same way as Ellie's original version.

This version rawks! I love it!

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